26 September, 2011

Giveaway: Ganymede by Cherie Priest

Tor was nice enough to provide a copy of Cherie Priest's newest entry into her Clockwork Century series, Ganymede [US] [UK] [Kindle]!

This series has received quite a bit of praise and excitement. While I have yet to read it, here's a nice review to whet your appetite.

Giveaway Rules

If you are interested in getting your hands on Ganymede, then follow the exceedingly simple instructions below.

E-mail me your name and address at (THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM NORMAL) seaksstamp@[removethis]gmail.com, with "GANY" as the subject of the email.

Snarky comments increase your chances of winning and win bonus entries for future giveaways. Open in the US only (sorry) as long as delivery doesn't require the mounting of an expedition into remote wilderness.


Woodge said...

I reckon I'd like me some a that there Ganymede. Boneshaker sure was fun. I'd be fixin' to put this high on my To Be Read list.

Bryce L. said...

I really need to check this series out. My steampunk experience is sorely lacking.

Lincoln said...

I've read all three books as soon as they've come out. I gotta have this. ^_^

Jamie Gibbs said...

*stands on the westernmost coast of Wales and shouts at the Atlantic Ocean* Damn you!

If I post a picture of me holding a Union Jack flag and weeping, could I enter?

Bryce L. said...

So sorry, Jamie!

Pabkins said...

Now I've only read Boneshaker bot I do plan on reading the others - so yes me for the win muuuwhahahah course if I won this would sit on the shelf til I read those - but wouldn't it look oh so pretty on my shelf? Yes, yes it would. gives us the precious!

Feel free to drop my and see my sister's giveaway - awesome zombie bunny only 1 day left to enter.

Happy to have found your blog - I'm on the hunt for cool fantasy blogs (other than the mass hordes of YA ones)

Pabkins @ Mission to Read

GIVEAWAY at my sister's blog below

Bryce L. said...

@Pabkins - Well, you're one ahead of me, at least you know if you'll like the book. :) Great blog btw.

windycindy said...

I have a niece whose husband is a drone, but I really have to be nice to him! Winning this book as a gift for him would make him happy and this would help my poor niece out
a lot...
Many thanks, Cindi