07 September, 2011

It's news To Me #23 - You're Covered, Cover Up, reCover redux

Some great covers have been revealed this week, or at least recently, so duck and Cover.

Douglas Huick's sequel to the blogger-acclaimed Among Thieves gets both US and UK covers. Sworn in Steel (UK):

The again-falling-short US:

A Dance with Dragons goes Subterranean Press:

The first two in the Shadows of the Apt series get new covers next year:

Empire in Black and Gold:
Dragonfly Falling:

(via A Fantasy Reader - who has comparisons to the old covers)


Jamie Gibbs said...

I'm really looking forward to the new Hulick novel - and you're right, the US covers aren't nearly as good as the UK ones. I really like the new Tchaikovsky covers too.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY like the new Tchaikovsky covers. Much, much better than the current US covers. Wow.

Bryce L. said...

@Jamie - I'm looking forward to the old Huick novel still. :)

@Sarah - Yes! Agreed.

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