02 September, 2011

Hilarious Review of Sword of Truth Series

I had to post this as I found it quite hilarious. It's technically a review of Naked Empire (book 8), but the author of this review gives a summary of his experience with the entire series in his most hilarious style:
Anatomy of a Break-up:

Going through a break-up or a divorce is never easy. The best of them are tinged with sadness and regret while the worst feel like a grenade going off in your chest. Worse still is the ending of a relationship that has lasted for many years and survived through adversity.

Well after almost 15 years, my relationship with the Sword of Truth series is over.
Given that these situations are already emotionally charged, I know the “right” thing to do is just to walk away and say nothing. If I were a bigger man, I could do that. If the Sword of Truth was less of a mind-numbingly stupid, mega-pretentious BITCH, I could do that. I’m not and it’s not. My anger…my soul-crushing humiliation at sticking this long with such a vacuous, repetitive chunk of IQ-draining smegma needs to vent, and so that’s what I’m gonna do.

Check out this review on Goodreads.


Todd Newton said...

This made my day. Fantastic.

Bryce L. said...


Jamie Gibbs said...

That was an epic review. The scary thing is that his account is almost identical to my own. I feel so ashamed :P

ediFanoB said...

I own the whole series in German. Still need to read it. But first I will read the review you recommended.

ediFanoB said...

Just finished reading the review. let me say it with slightly changed words from a famous song by the band Them:
It's all over now Sword of Truth!

Bastard said...

I enjoyed SoT! BeST EVAAA!!!!

Na' seriously, despite all the misgivings, SoT will always have a good place for me because it's pretty much what introduced me, no to fantasy, but to reading. That, and being lazy and bored suntanning on the beach with a 6-pack of Budweiser.

Read all of it, will plan to continue still. But I wonder how it'll read now that I'm more experienced. I always thought the Goodkind and SoT was more of a online phenomena which has propagated as more people come online to discuss books. But, he seems like a jackass, so not worth spending more time than necessary discussing this.

Bastard said...

Should have read: "the Goodkind and SoT HATE was"