30 September, 2011

New Riyria Revelations Short Story

You may have heard the story of Michael J. Sullivan, the indie-published author turned mega superstar...okay, turned author for Orbit, which is just amazing. (Thanks to Melissa for the info.)

Well, while we wait for the series to come out in its omnibus format, Michael's got a short story about the beginning of the careers of our lovable theives, Royce and Hadrian.

"Eleven years before they were framed for the murder of a king, before even assuming the title of Riyria, Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater were practically strangers. Unlikely associates, this cynical thief and idealist swordsman, were just learning how to work together as a team. In this standalone first installment of The Riyria Chronicles, Royce is determined to teach his naive partner a lesson about good deeds. Join Royce and Hadrian in this short story (5,400 words) about one of their earliest adventures"

Buy it for .99 or just download it for free on the Ridan Publishing site.


Jacob @ Drying Ink said...

Nice! I will shamefully admit I haven't read The Ryria Revelations yet, and will therefore enquire... any good?

Bryce L. said...

Sadly I've only read the first and it was great. I own the rest, I just need to find the time.

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Jamie Gibbs said...

Consider it downloaded. Thanks!

ediFanoB said...

Thanks for the info. As I did not read the books so far, I ordered the Orion edition (3 omnibus) in advance. I also got in contact with author Michael J. Sullivan and there will be a surprise in November ... Of course I downloaded the story! That will be a good introduction.